“Never Before, had it Become So Strangely Clear

they asked me bout my last, i said that’s in the past, lyin’ out my ass

—adapted neffy

a beautiful life

i love my room and my family and all my people

what a lovely slow morning of cleaning the house i have lived in for the past at least 15 years. i love my neighborhood and everything about this town. 

so thankful for friends and family.

the smell here is so amazing. 

waking up and looking at an endless sea makes everything seem possible but i realize everything i love is here.

i feel that soon i will have to be torn away from it again to grow again and more but my heart is so here for ever. 

i am starting to feel the earth spiritually, it is really intense.

at camp i feel something different than what i feel in my back yard. i mean it makes sense but when you start to feel the vibration of the earth in your barefeet it is something that is almost undescribeable…..

it is like a quake from the center of your feet to the top of your head a hum almost. at camp it is light at my house it is heavy. I am pretty sure that is because at camp there are many energies and they create a feeling of almost flying. at my house they are heavy because of the intense emotions here. camp absorbs a lot on a large space at home a lot is absorbed in a small place. there are different smells everywhere too and I am becoming increasingly aware of them….

well, all the sensory things are great. I really like what I am learning.

I need to focus on dreams again or “not focus” so i retain more of them.

toodles for not Tumblr

on a side note, it is ironic to me that guys that used to make fun of me now try to holla